Media Playground


We are creators, innovators and problem solvers. We are experiential creative agency Media Playground. Founded in 2008, Media Playground has grown from a two-man garage start up to an international multidisciplinary creative agency. We traverse the space between Australia and Papua New Guinea, with our head office located in Australia’s sunny Queensland. Working with premier brands from across the globe, our passion and authenticity never wavers. 

Creative by nature and independent by choice, we’re a collection of deep thinkers and restless explorers. We have a shared appetite for newness, and don’t dwell on comfort. We love sharp ideas, crafted with care, and making the theoretical tangible.



Animation offers endless opportunities for digital communication.
We have harnessed this medium to communicate complex brand messages and stories, with clear and engaging visuals. 


Whether it’s a start-up with monumental aspirations, or an existing business in need of a fresh take, we'll inject a shot of creativity into any business' brand and identity.


Brands must invest in the digital sphere or they will be left behind.
We are committed to providing web design solutions that keep you online, relevant and in the minds of your audience.


Who wants to blend in when you can stand out? Our agency's designers love exploiting their creative genius, coming up with vibrant visuals to get your message across.


The art form of photography is truly heralded here at Media Playground. With the highly coveted Sean Condon leading the way, we can capture your brand's key moments, bringing a dynamic story to life.

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